Tips for building Shower floor pan

If you are looking for the installation of Shower floor pan in your bathroom learn about the tips for building it.

If the construction of the Shower floor pan is done right manner then it will surely keep water in the position where it should be.  But the astonishing part is that, even some of the well experienced professionals end up making some fundamental errors which clearly ensures to end up creating a leak with time. Here are 3 tips to consider when building shower floors.

  • Membrane Central: Every part of a shower pan is designed for supporting as well as for pacing the membrane in correct spot. The reason behind this is that liner sheet catch up all water which seeps through tiles floor. That creates grout and in many cases few tiles fail to stop water. The liner stops it though. Although the liner manages to stop.
  • Slope: It is best to have a floor which is sloped one and do help in free flowing of the water till drain in place of pooling the same on floor. The rule remains the same even for liner slope. The base layer builds the slope which lays right above the linear for help it in moving water towards drain in an easy manner.
  • Drain: There is need of two levels for the drain holes for catching water. One layer is clearly visible on floor itself while there other lies buried under floor for catching water that goes right into the liner membrane. You need to remember that the buried layer of the drain is essential for making the proper functioning of tile floor.

There are many designs and patterns which are available which you can adopt for the designing of the Shower floor pan. Ensure to take your contractor along with you when making the selection of the correct design.  The professional will guide you and will help you pick the right design. If you are looking for a good quality shower floor pan then go for the pan which is made from recycled ABS with filled fiberglass. The reason behind selection such shower pan is that it can be cut in order to fit almost any shower of any configuration.

In case your shower pan installation needs cutting of pan, the product comes with reinforced screw guides along with additional bracing which remains under the pan for giving extra strength. Make the selection of the color of shower pan matching or contrasting the color of the tiles of the bathroom.


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