Different types of shower drains

Requirement is very simple. Your bathroom needs a shower drain which is beautiful, simple and does the required job. Its looks can be compromised at some point but it must drain all the water easily and quickly. There are various kinds of showers from which you can choose like linear drains for the installation of this kind of drain you have to plan your build-out so that you can put the drain tight to the wall. This type of shower drain will give your bathroom an elegant look and also perform its task very well. Another kind of shower drain is tile-top linear drain where drains are polished according to your tile which can give your bathroom a stylish look. One thing you should keep in mind is that these tiles should be cleaned regularly to keep the flow rate at optimal level.

Opening should be wide enough so that flow of water will not get affected, narrow opening may look good but rate of flow will be affected. And another type is traditional point drain which can be seen in the houses of most of the people. Before installing you should keep the size of this kind of shower drain in mind.

So we have discussed about the various kind of shower drain from which you can go for anyone according to your choice and of course your budget. There are some other things you should consider like slope of the floor, without good slope whatever you try it will not work properly.


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